Training materials will be uploaded during the project lifetime.

BUILD YOUR ENGLISH SOFTWARE DEMO presenting the first project results. In order to see the DEMO please go to MULTIMEDIA.

The basic objective of BUILD YOUR ENGLISH methodology is:

 to provide the programme:

-       for participants of technical and vocational education and/or for company employees in training at work

-       designed for A2 (pre-intermediate) level learners.

-       to be used in classroom or as an interactive self-study tool at home

-       should be simple and flexible for both learners and teachers.

-       with sufficient material for approximately one school year’s work.



 -       4 modules divided into approx. thirty, forty-five-minute lessons organised in a similar way. All together 60 lessons of 30- 45 min, 15 lessons for each module, i.e. for each partner.

-       an easy course for use either by young people preparing for a career in the construction industry or by those already working who want to improve their English communication skills.

-       teacher gets some materials and guidelines with a range of suggestions for exploiting the materials effectively. It may be used as a guide through the exercises and it offers optional ideas for extending activities.


Skills practiced:

-       Reading

-       Listening

-       Vocabulary and Grammar

-       Writing

-       Speaking


-       Electronic glossary (with pronunciation) is provided.

Level of the course: A2 (according to CEFR)