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Technical English language course regarding construction sector




English language course



The project is funded by Leonardo da Vinci Programme



Globalisation has highlighted the importance of communication between key actors in the construction sector. This is even more pronounced with the emergence of the European open labour market and the fact that many construction companies in Europe operate in foreign countries.

BUILD YOUR ENGLISH project calls for improving the communication skills of actors in the construction process, especially among young people starting their vocational career.

Enhancing the linguistic skills of students, graduates from construction schools and construction workers will enable them to increase their vocational qualifications and smooth day to day operations. 

      BUILD YOUR ENGLISH objectives:

  •  to create a suitable training methodology including pictures, voices, animations and 3D graphics to support the use of the software
  •  to create computer application/software enabling users self-learning of technical English language
  •  to enhance technical English language skills for communication on building sites and day to day operations
  •  to enhance Health and Safety performance through improved communication between construction personnel
  •  to enhance the mobility of labour force in European Union

      Envisaged impact:

  • support to English learning in construction-related schools
  • enhance workforce skills in using technical English language
  • enhance communication and health and safety between actors in construction sector  
  • enhance quality of labour force in EU countries

Project target group:

  • construction schools students
  • construction workers
  • English language teachers
  • non-qualified workers who want to improve their technical English language skills

Tangible outcomes:

  • a training methodology in relation to the use of multimedia materials
  • computer software for self-learning of technical English language
  • teaching guidelines, materials and hints

Intangible outcomes include workforce development in the short-term and an increase in the number of qualified workers employed in the sector in the medium to long term.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
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